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Posted by rednexbar on February - 21 - 2017

Hathaway is a group made of 5 men, from 5 very different walks of life. Hailing from beautiful British Columbia, Hathaway have been in and around the music industry for over a decade, and have been able to tour much of this great nation. From small venues of 20 to Coliseums of 3500

Hathaway take every stage as an opportunity to show and share their collaborative love and approach to music. As the Band has grown on in year, so to have they grown in their music.

There once youthful rock sound has taken a beautiful turn over the years to a Country Folk-Rock sound, that is lyrically strong and melodically rich. Hathaway went from a hectic touring schedule of over 250 dates a year, to a stand still to focus on family and career, but the boys after a year break are back at it with songs stronger then ever, and an excitement for you all to hear the journey they are on.

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