10413 100 Ave. Morinville, Alberta               Phone (780) 939-6955


Posted by rednexbar on January - 13 - 2013

Tarbaby is the band that used to pack bars in the Morinville area years back! Now after taking a break to raise there families etc. they are all tuned up and ready rock it again! Remember this is the band that used to pack The Side Track Cafe in Edmonton on a Sunday night so if you want a seat come early!

Tarbaby is also known as Granny Dynamite – Lead singer – Keeling Hedstrom, Lead guitar – Shelby Hedstrom, Bass guitar – Andre bourgeois, Drums – Colin shaw. 

The surprise opening act is a very talented acoustic Metal show! How offten do you see a Metal act on acoustic guitars? Truthfully I’m not a big Metal fan but I love to hear them pick and there show is on 9:00 to 9:45 pm just before Tarbaby!



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