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MAY 13, 2017 Flash Drive – Live Classic Rock Band

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Hathaway is a group made of 5 men, from 5 very different walks of life. Hailing from beautiful British Columbia, Hathaway have been in and around the music industry for over a decade, and have been able to tour much of this great nation. From small venues of 20 to Coliseums of 3500

Hathaway take every stage as an opportunity to show and share their collaborative love and approach to music. As the Band has grown on in year, so to have they grown in their music.

There once youthful rock sound has taken a beautiful turn over the years to a Country Folk-Rock sound, that is lyrically strong and melodically rich. Hathaway went from a hectic touring schedule of over 250 dates a year, to a stand still to focus on family and career, but the boys after a year break are back at it with songs stronger then ever, and an excitement for you all to hear the journey they are on.

MAR 11/17 The Give ‘Em Hell Boys at Rednex!

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The Give ‘Em Hell Boys are:
Quinn Clark – Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Charles Biddiscombe – Vocal, Lead Guitar
Lindsay Bueckert – Vocal, Bass
Eric Redekopp – Drum
Hear them @ http://giveemhellboys.com/music-2/

BIO – It started with a shuffle beat in a room with two like-minded musicians in the most unusual of locales (Edmonton, Alberta) for a punk rock, country band. The beginnings were humble but the evolution was far from that. Like a beautiful whiskey aging in an oak barrel, or a crisp, golden ale fermenting in a vat, the music evolved into a delectable, cacophony of art and joy. Consistent gigs and a pickup truck full of songs in their repertoire kept this four piece band grooving and growing stronger in the Canadian music scene. Echoing the sentiments of their heroes, their brand of country is fused with attitude and high energy. Band frontman and rhythm guitarist Quinn Clark, or ‘hat with beard’ to his friends, describes the importance of a high energy live show: “It’s something that’s immensely hard and nearly impossible to convey on a record. Although we’ve tried our best to do that. I think that’s what I like most about playing in a band; a collaboration with other players. You become each other’s audience”.

APR 01/17 – Bandana Gold Rock at Rednex

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Bandana Gold is rock cover band from Edmonton, AB that will keep you rockin from the first song to the last and leave you begging for more!

Zack on Lead Vocals & Rythym Guitar
Matt on Lead Guitar & Vocals
Kenny on Lead Bass
Jayson on Drums & Vocals

APR 08/17 Thistle Live at Rednex

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Based in Stony Plain and Spruce Grove, Alberta, Thistle is a rolling, quick-paced acoustic country/rock band with stripped-down, catchy rhythms, and hooks that dig deep.
Diverse influences from across the musical spectrum, from heavy metal to classic, modern, and alternative rock to country, give Thistle a unique sound and style that’s sure to grab hold and take you to new places.
Trevor Henson – Bass and Vocals
Steve Findlay – Guitars and Vocals
Jason Frey – Drums
Kevin Frey – Guitar and Vocals
Tania Scott – Vocals

FEB 25/17 East Coast Kitchen Party – Derina Harvey Celtic Rock

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9 pm Saturday February 25th! Advance tickets $10 at Bar or www.buy.yapsody.com. Come early for a great meal! Special 10 oz. Steak & more! Go on our facebook page and “Like” share and tag 3 friends on this pic for a chance to win 4 tickets!

MAR 04/17 Vinyl Fantasy

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Vinyl Fantasy boogies into Rednex 9 pm March 4, 2017
Dance up a storm to Rock & Country with friends and fans as we celebrate lead singer Miss Yolande Kerr’s birhtday with her on stage!

Band members are Yolande Kerr, Andrew Fraser, Chris Gagnon, Doug Stewart.

Feb 14/17 Valentines 3 Course Meal & Comedy Show

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Valentine Dinner & Comedy Show Tuesday February 14 – Only $25! Dinner on 6-8 pm, Show 8 pm. For Dinner ticket required by Monday from www.buy.yapsody.com or at the bar. If you want to see show only, it’s $10 at the door.

FEB 18/17 Shifter – Live Country-Rock

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It’s Rednex owner Don’s Birthday bash! He is still at it after 16 awesome years with Rednex Bar & Grill. Join us for a fun night with Shifter grinding the gears with awesome classic rock and county tunes.

Shifters Band Members
Ed Willis-drums/vocals
Brad Duxbury-bass/vocals
Randy Allan-lead guitar
Steve Crosby-rhythm guitar/vocals
Mark Fischer-vocals

The Derina Harvey band (Celtic Rock) East Coast Kitchen Party Saturday February 25th at Rednex in Morinville!
Great music, room acustics and atmosphere along with awesome drinks. food and friendly people!
Advance tickets $10 at www.buy.yapsody.com
or $15 at the door until we reach capacity.

Celtic Rock
Band Members
Derina Harvey – Vocals/Guitar.
Steve Pinsent – Drums.
Matt O’Connor – Fiddle.
Ed Smith – Bass/Vocals.
Scott Greene – Guitar/Vocals.

Heartfelt, Energetic, Celtic Rock.
Led by the fearless (and often funny) front-woman Derina Harvey, this five-piece Celtic-rock group offers a fresh take on traditional tunes and intersperse that offering with their own original jigs & reels. Their infectious rhythmic undertow is layered with rock guitar, dizzying fiddle motifs, and topped by Derina’s powerful voice. These transplanted east-coasters have earned a reputation as a party-band, leaving many an audience out-of-breath and hollering from the dance floor!